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Irish Draught Horse Society

Irish Draught Influence in Performance

When crossed with thoroughbreds or warmbloods, Irish draughts produce a sport horse that excels at the highest levels of eventing and showjumping. This has been a double-edged sword: while Irish Draught lines remain popular with sport horse breeders, only 600 pure Irish Draught foals are being registered in Ireland annually, and mares aren’t producing replacements for themselves in the herd. The breed is classified as “endangered but maintained” by the UN. In an effort to preserve the traditional breed and improve genetic diversity, Horse Sport Ireland has introduced inspections of stallions and mares, grading horses on a 1-4 scale. There is, however, a great deal of debate among breeders and breed societies over the best way to ensure the survival these horses.

On the other hand, the high-achieving progeny of Irish Draught stallions in showjumping and eventing has made those bloodlines desirable and the stallions prominent on the international circuits. These include King of Diamonds, who was 21st in the world breeding rankings between 1999 and 2001, the sire of successful showjumpers like Rodrigo Pessoa’s Special Envoy, Joe Fargis’ Mill Pearl, and John Ledingham’s Millstreet Ruby. They also include Sea Crest, a 1979 stallion who had 25 daughters and sons competing at the international level in eventing and showjumping. One of his offspring was Cruising (pictured below), out of an Irish Sports Horse mare, who won numerous grand prix showjumping competitions and went on to become a significant sire himself.

Irish sport horse sire
  1. Cruising - World renowned showjumper - s.Sea Crest RID

  2. Magenta - Badminton CCI - d.Amber Dawn RID by Western Light RID

  3. Larkhill Cruiser - winner 1m40 - d.Dunadry Lady RID by Crosstown Dancer RID

  4. Claggan Roxy Music - International Dressage - s.Rakish Paddy RID

  5. Tankers Town - Bronze Olympic team eventing - s.Diamond Clover RID

  6. Lenamore - Olympic eventer - s. Sea Crest RID

  7. Mr Springfield - winner 1m50 - d.Glebe Bess RID by Ballinahow Boy RID

  8. Tipperary Liadhnan - 5th Rolex Kentucky CCI - s. Fast Silver RID

  9. Killossery - winner 1m50 - s.Clover Hill RID

  10. Baskin T Bear - 2nd 1m45 - s. Flagmount Diamond RID

  11. Lissyegan Clover Diamond - winner puissance Belfast - s. Diamond Clover RID

  12. Maglebjergs Crannagh Hero - winner 1m50 Ypaja - s. Crannagh Hero RID

  13. Nenagh - winner 1m40 - s. Crannagh Hero RID

  14. Da Zara Newport Clover - winner 1m40 - s. Clover Hill RID

  1. Ado Annie - world renowned showjumper - d.s. Blue Henry RID

  2. Flexible - winner 1m55 - s. Cruising by Sea Crest RID

  3. Mo Chroi - winner 1m50 - s. Cruising by Sea Crest RID

  4. Mr Medicott - world ranked eventer - s.Cruising by Sea Crest RID

  5. Ringfort Cruise - international showjumper - s.Cruising by Sea Crest RID

  6. Royal Concorde - winner 1m45 - d.s.King of Diamonds RID

  7. Ballincoola - world ranked eventer - d.s. Kildalton Gold RID

  8. Shannondale Macalla - 3rd 1m50 - d.s.Clover Hill RID

  9. Tubber Rebel - Olympic eventer - d.s. Carrabawn View RID

  10. Fernhill Clover Mist - Olympic eventer - d.s. Clover Hill RID

  11. Loughview Lou-Lou - Grand Prix showjumper - d.s .Jack of Diamonds RID

  12. Calover - 3rd 1m50 - d.s.Clover Hill RID

  13. Cavinem - winner 1m40 - d.s. Diamond Lad RID

  14. Tom Quigley - 6th Badminton 2008 - d.s.Flagmount Boy RID