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Irish Draught Horse Society

information and guidance session for Irish Draught Grading and Classification.

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

ID Info session

The Irish Draught Horse Society Ltd Northern Ireland

The Irish Draught Horse Society Ltd of Northern Ireland represents the interests of Irish Draught horse breeders, producers and enthusiasts located in Northern Ireland.

  1. To promote the Irish Draught Horse

  2. To ensure the breed continues for further generations

  3. To represent members views

  4. To market the Irish Draught Horse

  5. To run a National Breed Show

  6. To trigger a review of the inspection processes and administration

  7. To conduct breed-specific training

  8. To ensure the preservation of out-cross bloodlines and retain genetic diversity, without damaging the quality and standards of the breed

We believe that the Irish Draught Breed is an integral and valuable part of the Irish Sport Horse industry.

Breed Profile

The Irish Draught Horse is a versatile, powerful and athletic animal with substance and quality.
It has a pleasant head, good bone and a short shin, good spring of rib, strong loins and hindquarters and an active powerful stride. Known for its good temperament, docility and willing nature, it has a robust constitution and is inherently sound.
The Irish Draught horse is a foundation breed that, when crossed with other breeds, will produce all types of leisure and performance horses.